Fiber Art Statements

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You Can Wake Up Earlier, You’re Just Lazy

Often times, outsiders (often the able bodied) are under the assumption that individuals with chronic illness are lazy. From personal experience, I have been on the receiving end of this insult more times than I could count, especially after the worsening of my sleep disorder. A vintage nightgown, void of any body to depict the invisible nature of illness, is covered in a quilt made of cyanotype prints. The word “lazy” is written over and over the entire quilt. The massive repetition of words loses all its meaning. Ableist remarks like this become the mundane and hollow of meaning despite the intention.

02_I Thought It Would Never End.jpg

I Thought It Would Never End

While using a dress of my own, and with a focus of pain and an (at the time) undiagnosed disease, I Thought It Would Never End depicts the invisibility of chronic pain and illness. After abruptly developing a severe pain disease in 2014, I began a year long odyssey of trial and error in search of answers, treatment, and understanding. A lace dress, hollow of any body, stands in place of myself, while the original source of my spreading pain, my left hand, is the only part of this invisible body that can be seen. Cut vinyl bees surround “me”, a symbol of the stinging pain.


I’m Not Here For You To Taunt

A patchwork quilt, adorned with cyanotypes of vintage photographs of women in dresses, is the body of a dress form. A talk back effort to ableism I have heard, particularly that the reason for being progressively ill is due to all the style of clothing I wear. Ableism rarely ever makes sense, right?